What is Data Lake? Architecture and Importance

A data lake is a collection of raw data in the form of blobs or files. It acts as a single store for all the data in an enterprise that can include raw source data, pictorial representations, charts, processed data, and much more.

An advantage with the data lake architecture diagram is that it can contain different forms of data including structure data like a database including rows and columns, semi-structured data in the form of CSV, XML, JSON, etc.

It can also store unstructured data like PDF, emails, and word documents along with images, and videos.

It is a store of all the data and information in an enterprise. The concept of the data lake is catching up fast due to the growing needs for data storage and analysis in all the domains.

Let us learn more data lakes.

What is Data Lake?

We need to understand what a data mart First for the answer. Datamart can be considered as a repository of summarized data for easy understanding and analysis.

Pentaho CTO James Dixon was the person who first used the term As per him, a data mart is like packaged and cleaned drinking water that is ready for consumption.

The source of this drinking water is the lake. Hence the term data lake. A storehouse of information from where the data mart can interpret and filter out the data as needed.