What is a Hybrid Baseball Bat?

So what is a Hybrid baseball bat and for what reason would I need to get one?

A Hybrid is a blend of composite and compound material as it is one of the top bats. The handle is composite and the barrel is combination. Instances of 2009 Hybrid bats include:

  • Louisville TPX H2
  • Easton SV12
  • Demarini Voodoo
  • Demarini Vendetta
  • Demarini Vexxum
  • Rawlings Rush
  • Gold Lite
  • Nike Aero Fuse (not to be mistaken for the Aero Fuse CF2)

The lighter composite handle permits the combination barrel to be made longer than a customary 100% compound bat. This builds the “sweet spot” contrasted with a compound bat and gives more elbow room to the hitter. Conversely, a 100% composite has both a composite handle and barrel making the barrel, and “sweet spot”, much bigger. Hybrid bats are a decent trade off between spending as much as possible on a composite or a lower estimated compound bat that doesn’t join the most recent innovation, or offer focal points to the hitter. The expense of a top Hybrid bat ought to be somewhere close to a maker’s top composite and combination bats.

Never pay the equivalent (or about the equivalent) for a top Hybrid as a top composite bat. In the event that the cost is close you ought to totally take the composite. Here’s a model: Demarini’s top Adult composite (CF3) has a retail cost of $399 and its top Hybrid bat (Voodoo Black) is evaluated at $299. Demarini has two extra Hybrids evaluated at $249 and $199 individually. Then again, Louisville and Easton charge $379 – $399 for their top Adult composite bats and $369 – $379 for their top half and half bats. This has neither rhyme nor reason. Along these lines, a half and half is an incredible decision for those searching for new innovation and a slight favorable position on the opposition. Simply keep your eyes open and don’t fall into the snare of paying excessively.