Smartphone Addiction Statistics in 2020

You would have heard of addictions related to smoking, alcohol, drugs, and even gambling, but how familiar are you with smartphone addiction? This set of smartphone addiction statistics is meant to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of this issue that has become a part of most people’s lives in the last few years.

We have divided these statistics into three categories. The first deals with general statistics on smartphone usage, including penetration rates and data related to user engagement with phones.

The second delves deeper into the problem of smartphone addiction or nomophobia. The final section is a detailed look at phone addiction among the youngest adult users, a group that seems particularly susceptible to this issue.

We are certain that these statistics will reveal important information on this topic, including symptoms and countermeasures.

Key Smartphone Addiction Statistics

  1. Nearly half of the world’s population will be using smartphones by 2021.
  2. The average user spends 171 minutes on the phone every day.
  3. As high as 66% of the smartphone user base shows signs of nomophobia.
  4. 87% of smartphone users check their phone within an hour of waking or going to sleep.
  5. 75% of users admit they have texted at least once while driving.
  6. 58% of smartphone users have attempted to limit their phone usage; 41% have succeeded.
  7. Young adults use their smartphones roughly twice as much as they estimate to do.
  8. Suicide risk for teenagers spending five hours a day on electronic devices is 71% higher compared to those spending just one hour daily.

Smartphone Usage Statistics