Isaiah Bible Study

The Book of Isaiah is otherwise called a little Bible comprising 66 sections altogether; where the initial 39 parts are fairly like the Old Testament. These 39 sections incorporate the history, hymns, and predictions. Also, concerning the last 27 sections, it starts with the arrangement of new earth and new paradise. This book has a compact structure too and it is wealthy in content. The writer of this book, the Prophet Isaiah, assumed a significant function as a speaker for God when the Israelite were experiencing extraordinary threat.

Isaiah turned into a prophet in 740 B.C. what’s more, has been a prophet for roughly 40 years. During his time as a prophet, Israel’s northern realm was gravely obliterated by the Assyrian in 722 B.C. while Judah’s southern realm also was nearly annihilation. Isaiah, who was the child of Amoz (sibling to Amaziah, King of Judah) turned into the realm’s prophet. He was very much regarded in Jerusalem and was the individual consultant to Kin Hezekiah. Isaiah was sawed to death by King Manasseh, as per the Jewish record.

The initial segment of this book is about a notice to both the northern and southern realms that God is rebuffing the residents for their underhanded deeds through the assault of the Assyrians. The initial segment also incorporates the prediction of the appearance of the Prince of Peace and how God spared Jerusalem from the foes through King Hezekiah’s petition. The last part contains predictions of the arrangement of salvation of God, the spreading of salvation from Israelite to each humankind, and that the sun of honorableness is to sparkle upon them all.

Isaiah demonstrated his interminable fearlessness and commitment in carrying God’s messages and alerts to the individuals. His confidence in God, fortitude in opposing malevolence and his reliability in conveying messages are the exercises that we can learn in Isaiah men’s bible study.